14 Superhero Tips From Baby Marvel Avengers

Are you just as excited as we are to see the new Marvel Avengers movie? I KNOW, I KNOW ... it's going to be so rad. Before you go see the movie, you should check out this cute compilation of 14 superhero tips, as told by toddlers and babies. nn1. Get your hero slogan downn2. Realize there will always be someone bigger and badder than you are.n3. You have to pedal before you can fly n4. Practice your super hero take-off a few timesn5. Be careful going lightning speedn6. Make sure you have a theme songn7. Spiderman makes it look easy n8. You will have to share the spotlight n9. NOT all damsels are in distressn10. Stay fit in between missions n11. NEVER remove your disguise n12. Unless you can’t see out of it n13. Never let them know you are hurt n…and most importantly… n14. Don’t let anyone interrupt your superhero beauty sleep