First Look at the Dell XPS 13 – CES 2018

First Look at the Dell XPS 13 – CES 2018

Fingerprint Sensors In The Screen Are Here

The first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor is kinda sorta here, and it’s probably.

CRISPR Study Sends Biotech Stocks Tumbling

On Monday, a new paper had identified a possible barrier to using the revolutionary gene-editing.

Amazon’s Alexa Hitting Automobiles

At CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Toyota announced amazon’s alaexa would be incorporated with.

Fibit Invests In Blood Sugar Tracking Company

A recent investment indicates that Fitbit is looking to branch from a fitness brand to.

JPMorgan Uses Tech To Avoid Sketch YouTube Videos

JP Morgan Chase became so dissatisfied with YouTube’s slow response for pulling ads out of.

Serious security flaws in chips, CES 2018 looms

In this week’s wrap-up, two flaws affect most modern processors in phones, PCs and Macs..

This pizza-loving robot chef is being taught the craft by one of the masters

Comes as no surprise that it was developed in Naples, Italy.

Could this be the answer to your sinus problems?

Neti pot of the 21st century.

Apple admits that new updates slow older iPhones—but for a good reason

Battery life.