MIT scientists develop new technique for cleaning contaminated water

A group of MIT scientists develop a highly selective electrochemical technique that can target specific.

WhatsApp Is Making Changes

Beginning December 31, the popular messaging service WhatsApp has determined that it will no longer.

Amazon’s Alexa App Takes Over Apple App Store

Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo devices were quite the popular gifts this Christmas. On Christmas Day, the.

4K Streaming with Google Chromecast Ultra

Plug in the Google Chromecast Ultra and stream 4K content from your TV. The advantage.

Twitter’s New Image Helps Its Stocks

Twitter began suspending hateful accounts on Monday afternoon, with the leaders of far-right group Britain.

Niantic Developing Augmented Reality ‘Harry Potter’ Game

Niantic, the company that makes the hit mobile game “Pokémon Go,” is currently making a.

The Evolution of the iPhone in 7 Charts

We charted every iPhone in seven charts to see how Apple’s most popular product has.

How Fast Is your Wi-Fi?

CNET editor Dong Ngo shares a quick tip on how to find out at what.

CES 2017: Ford Puts Amazon in the Driver’s Seat

Ford is teaming up with Amazon to increase the use of voice technology. Drivers can.

Scientists claim world’s smallest Christmas card

Season’s greetings on the micro-scale. This Christmas card is so small that more than 200.