Guy Does Pushups With Pointer Finger and Thumb

This guy challenged himself to do pushups with only his pointer finger and thumb on.

First Time Driver Crashes Into Garage

This girl just got her driver’s permit and wanted to practice with her father. After.

Surfer Rides Waves in Overflowing River

This guy realized that he could surf an overflowing river after it had rained for.

Woman Plays with Chubby Pet Raccoon

Tema the raccoon wanted to play with his owner when she came home from work. Tema.

Heroic dog helps with rescue mission in Taiwan quake

Four-year-old labrador recieves public praise after helping with quake search mission

Sleepy Samoyed Puppy

Sleepy Samoyed Puppy

Pregnancy Announcement Surprise at Dinner

Occurred on November 30, 2017 / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Info from Licensor: “After 4 years.

Chef Shows Off Impressive Steak Cutting Skills

This chef decided to cut a steak for his customers in a creative way. After.

Herd of Horned Sheep Cross Busy Road

This pack of mouflon sheep decided to explore the other side of a busy city.

Dog Hugs Owner After Fire Destroys Home

Montague the dog was left hurt and confused after seeing his home destroyed by a.