Emotional support peacock denied boarding at Newark Liberty Airport

United Airlines denied boarding to Dexter the peacock

Jumping into a Frozen River to Save a Dog

Occurred on December 7, 2014 / Bogodukhovo village, Oryol region, Russia Info from Licensor: “‘It.

Atlanta schoolchildren dance with joy at surprise they will be seeing ‘Black Panther’

5th to 8th graders danced and hugged in excitement at the news

Toddler Hears Baby Sister’s Heartbeat During Ultrasound

This two-year-old girl accompanied her parents during a pregnancy check-up at the doctor’s office. After.

Owner Scolds Horse for Breaking Into Food Barn

This guy was annoyed after his horse broke into a barn to grab a second.

Multiple Cars Stuck in Traffic Jam in Belarus

When a few cars got stuck at an intersection in Belarus, it caused a traffic.

Motorcyclist Almost Crashes into Truck Driving on Wrong Side

When this guy was riding his motorcycle home from school, he approached an intersection and.

Kids Watch Chick Hatch from Egg

A group of kids got the chance to watch a baby chick hatch from its.

Guy Loses Parachute Before Takeoff

Before this guy was going to paraglide near Ohrid Lake in Macedonia, he had to.

Swimming with Piggies

Occurred on November 18, 2016 / Exuma, Bahamas Info from Licensor: “Myself and my family.