"Friday the 13th Broken Mirrors Fails | Funny Fails Compilation"

"Friday the 13th is one of those weird holidays that sneaks up on us. We never really know it’s here until it’s here and then all the old superstitions come up! Walking under ladders, cheering with water, coins landing on tails, spilling salt on the table, the thought of any of these happening is TERRIFYING. But the WORST THING that can happen, producing 7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK, is why we at AFV present to you our newest FUNNY FAILS COMPILATION, FRIDAY THE 13TH BROKEN MIRROR FAILS. Give it a healthy viewing and remember to SHARE THIS WITH ALL OF YOUR SUPERSTITIOUS FRIENDS!nnWhat’s your favorite MIRROR SHATTERING MOMENT in today’s video? Is it the girl who DROPS HER HANDHELD MIRROR at 1:43? Ours is definitely the CURIOUS CAT WHO KNOCKS OVER THE BODY LENGTH MIRROR at 2:20! Tell us your faves IN THE COMMENT BELOW."