Deep-Sea Fishermen Rescue Two Men from Sinking Boat

These guys were fishing in the Irish sea when they came across a boat that.

Mom and Daughter Terrified of Huge Spider in Bathroom

This mom and daughter discovered a very large spider in their bathroom. When the mom.

Fish Confusedly Stare at Crashed Underwater Drone

During a live drone race in Switzerland, the pilot of the drone lost its signal.

High Heels, die gefährlichsten Accessoires

Ein Mädchen versucht in High Heels zu laufen…

Guy Faceplants While Drifting on Longboard

This guy was learning how to slide on a longboard when he messed up his.

Woman Struggles to Take Out Trash

This woman couldn’t figure out why her trash can kept falling over. After a lot.

Guy Breaks Scooter in Half After Failed Rail Grind

This man tried to jump off a railing with his scooter. Unfortunately, he hit the.

Dad Gets Stuck on Slide

This dad was playing with his kids on the playground when he decided to go.

Skateboarder Hits Cyclist While Trying new Trick on Road

This skateboarder was trying out a new kickflip trick on the road. However, he failed.

Guy Bounces off Inflatable Trampoline Into Water

This drunk guy jumped onto an inflatable trampoline floating in the sea from the deck.