Cute Little Girl Can’t Figure out Drinking Fountain

When this little tot went to the water fountain for a drink, she didn’t expect.

Girl Passes Skateboard to Friend With Perfect Flip

This duo performed an amazing skateboard trick where the girl passed the board to the guy.

Living Statue Spooks Woman and Child

Occurred on December, 2017 / Old Town, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Info from Licensor: “I am.

College Grads Accidentally Spray Champagne in Their Faces

These two girls wanted to celebrate after graduation by opening two champagne bottles. While the first bottle popped with.

Little Girl Welcomes Dad After Months Long Deployment

This little girl was happy to see her dad after he was away for several.

Girl Backflips into Pool and Lands on Back

This girl was in the pool with her friends when she asked them to launch.

Adorable Girl Sings The National Anthem

This adorable little girl sings the national anthem beautifully! Watch as she performs her own.

Dad Fixes Daughter’s Hair on Subway

This amazing dad was spotted fixing her daughter’s hair while riding the subway. 

Girl Practicing Spin on one Leg Faces Unpleasant Fall

This young girl was practicing her ballet spins on one leg with the other up.

Guy Proclaims Love for Girl After Falling in Front of Her

During a serenade challenge, these students were supposed to say cheesy pick-up lines to impress.