Woman Fired For Blocking Black Man From Entering Apartment

A white woman tried to prevent a black man from entering his apartment and was.

Tesla Might Be Releasing Its Own Brand Of Tequila

DESCRIPTION Tesla might release its own tequila brand called ‘Teslaquila.

Virgin Atlantic to Launch One-Time Only Pride Flight

You can book a ticket on Virgin Atlantic’s one-time only Pride Flight. The flight will.

Starbucks Indonesia Launching Pink Drinks for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Starbucks Indonesia is going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The company is selling pink.

Brad Paisley’s Is Opening a Grocery Store Where Everything Is Free

Brad Paisley is opening a grocery store where everything is free. It’s called The Store.

Son Returns Late Mother’s 84-year-old Overdue Library Book

A library just got back this 84-year-old overdue book. A Louisiana man was cleaning out.

Stray dog invades pitch during Georgian football match

A stray dog became an unexpected guest at a Georgian football game when it invaded.

This Mansion Is Being Called The “Safest Home In America”

The ‘safest home in America’ has a 15,000-square-ft bunker, bulletproof walls, and an indoor gun.

President Trump’s Limo Is $1.5 Million And Has Blood Inside

President Trump’s limo is worth $1.5 million and has a fridge full of blood inside..

This Marker Shoots Fireballs

This marker was made for the aspiring magician that wants to shoot fireballs out of.