South African jazz artist plays guitar during brain surgery

South African jazz mucisian Musa Manzini strums his guitar while undergoing brain surgery.

Jumping dog wins over hospital staff

Staff at a veterinary hospital are amused by one of their patients who could not.

Fire trucks light up for Christmas in Colorado

Fire department in Sterling, Colorado wishes everyone a merry Christmas with a dazzling fire trucks.

Police look for couple who dropped ring after Times Square proposal

Couple try to retrieve ring dropped through grate after the man proposes in New York.

Trump abandons translation earpiece in Argentina president meeting

Earpiece jettisoned by U.S. President Donald Trump in meeting with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri

Trump leaves Argentina’s Macri standing at G20

Argentina’s President Macri appears to call after U.S. President Trump amid misunderstanding during photograph opportunity.

Putin and Saudi crown prince share a joke at G20

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi crown prince laugh as they greet eachother at the.

Little dancing girl melts Internet’s heart

Video of a little girl’s impressive dance moves goes viral

Kim-Trump summit takes centre stage in Miss Universe Singapore’s national 

Miss Universe Singapore chose Kim-Trump summit as theme for her national costume

Air New Zealand Christmas ad replicates Trump’s U.N. laughter moment

Children in Air New Zealand’s christmas ad gathers for Santa’s “naughty” list summit