Screenshot_20190623-194250_Samsung Internet

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See This Optical Illusion

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See This Optical Illusion

Screenshot_20190623-170410_Samsung Internet

People Scram as Hot Air Balloon Crashes at Missouri Festival

At a festival in Missouri, people were hanging out in a field when a hot air balloon suddenly came crashing.…

Screenshot_20190623-160645_Samsung Internet

Girl Shows off Amazing Tricks With Nunchucks

This girl showed off her amazing martial arts skills using nunchucks. She used them to perform two different combinations demonstrating…

Can You Recognise These Everyday Objects In Extreme Close Up?

Screenshot_20190623-113318_Samsung Internet

Can You Recognise These Everyday Objects In Extreme Close Up?

So funktioniert das Zusammenleben von Hund und Katze

Screenshot_20190623-104650_Samsung Internet

So funktioniert das Zusammenleben von Hund und Katze

Alpaca Lifts Front Legs While Getting a Bath With Hose

Screenshot_20190623-102202_Samsung Internet

This alpaca was getting a bath with a hosepipe by her owners. They seemed to be enjoying the cool jets…

Man Gets Emotional When Mom Surprises Him at Work

Screenshot_20190623-100202_Samsung Internet

This man was taken by surprise to see his mom at his workplace. She flew in with his sister to…

Screenshot_20190622-231236_Samsung Internet

‘The Most Terrifying Bridge In The World’ Is Found In Japan

'The Most Terrifying Bridge In The World' Is Found In Japan

Screenshot_20190622-230815_Samsung Internet

Pregnant Couple Does Gender Reveal by Burning Incense With Colored Smoke

This pregnant couple decided to know the gender of their baby and reveal it to their family in a creative…

Screenshot_20190622-230305_Samsung Internet

Elderly Man Gets Emotional at Seeing his Son After Seven Years

This man went to visit his father, who is 95-years old after a gap of seven years. Both of them…

Woman Hides Under Colleague’s Desk and Gives Her a Fright

Screenshot_20190622-221723_Samsung Internet

This woman decided to prank one of her colleagues at her office. She hid under her desk and waited for…

Jet skier’s unbelievably skillful prank drenches cyclist on bridge high above

Screenshot_20190622-100040_Samsung Internet

A cyclist making his way along a country road stopped for a drink and a little rest on a bridge…

Tae Kwon Do master leaps over 16 children to break board

Screenshot_20190622-095100_Samsung Internet

Check out this crazy slow motion footage of an incredible Tae Kwon Do master leaping over 16 children to break…

Screenshot_20190622-083749_Samsung Internet

Insanely talented musician plays drums and guitar at the same time

Bet you haven't seen a performance like this before! Watch as this musician manages to play a tune on guitar…

Screenshot_20190620-203700_Samsung Internet

Six Soldiers Are Hidden In This Photo – Will You Be Able To Find Them?

Six Soldiers Are Hidden In This Photo - Will You Be Able To Find Them?

Screenshot_20190620-203700_Samsung Internet

Man Bails on Bike Attempting to do Backwards Jump off Stairs

This biker saw a set of stairs and wanted to try doing a backward jump off them. Unfortunately, he lost…

Screenshot_20190620-202234_Samsung Internet

Dog Ferociously Growls at Reflection

This dog saw his reflection in a mirror and suddenly felt he had to fight his double. Hilariously, he growled…

Screenshot_20190615-050746_Samsung Internet

Two Elephants Hug Each Other with Trunks

These two elephants wanted to express their love for one another in a unique way. Adorably, they wrapped their trunks…

Screenshot_20190615-045940_Samsung Internet

Two Curious Cats Scared of Printer

These two cats were very curious about their owner's printer and wanted a closer look. Hilariously, they got their faces…

Screenshot_20190614-163455_Samsung Internet

Cat Backflips off Bed

This cat wanted to show off her athletic skills to her owner. Amazingly, she backflipped off her owner's bed and stuck the…

Screenshot_20190614-011714_Samsung Internet

Una criatura encallada en Nueva Zelanda intriga a todos

Una criatura encallada en Nueva Zelanda intriga a todos

Screenshot_20190614-011326_Samsung Internet

They Left A Shocking Note On Her Receipt, She Reacted In The Best Way Possible

They Left A Shocking Note On Her Receipt, She Reacted In The Best Way Possible

Screenshot_20190518-234045_Samsung Internet

Couple Falls Riding Electric Scooter on Rainy Night

These two people were riding an electric scooter on a rainy night. Unfortunately, the ground was too slick and they…

Screenshot_20190518-232606_Samsung Internet

This giant gorilla can do pull-ups

Could you do more pull-ups than this gorilla? 🦍

Screenshot_20190518-094443_Samsung Internet

Phenomenal footage of walking the canals in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Experience the feeling of walking by the canals in Amsterdam. Exploring Amsterdam on foot is one of the best way…

Screenshot_20190518-094225_Samsung Internet

Double flip cliff dive in secret Arizona canyon

Check out this talented woman's amazing double flip from a cliff in a hidden Arizona canyon. So cool!

Screenshot_20190517-100816_Samsung Internet

Motorists captures mounds of fly-tipped rubbish

Motorists captures mounds of fly-tipped rubbish

Screenshot_20190428-054532_Samsung Internet

Smart Kid Solves Rubik’s Cube in Seconds

This kid loved solving Rubik's cube puzzles since he was seven years old. When his sibling got him a new one,…

Screenshot_20190421-025658_Samsung Internet

Large haboob forms over major highway in Arizona

Time lapse footage captures a large sandstorm forming over I-10 in Casa Grande, outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Check it out!

Screenshot_20190419-133843_Samsung Internet

Couple Fall out of Canoe During Wedding Shoot

This couple took an unexpected swim when they were shooting their invitation photos for their wedding in a canoe on…

Screenshot_20190419-133551_Samsung Internet

Woman Slips While Dancing and Holding Her Dog

This woman wanted to groove to a beat while holding her dog in her home. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell…

Screenshot_20190419-133259_Samsung Internet

Old Man Rides Tiny Bicycle Across Water Fountain

This old man wanted to show off the very small bicycle he made while riding it across a water fountain.…

Screenshot_20190419-124944_Samsung Internet

Animal residents treated to Eater egg hunt at London Zoo


Screenshot_20190419-104451_Samsung Internet

Bearded Dragon does a happy dance for blueberries

This bearded dragon absolutely loves blueberries. Check out that hilarious happy dance!

Screenshot_20190419-103940_Samsung Internet

Dog hilariously howls along to owner’s band practice

Nothing to see here, just a girl and her dog try being in a band together! Hysterical!

Screenshot_20190419-103720_Samsung Internet

Little girl learns amazing gymnastic move in minutes!

This talented little girl learned this in about 5 minutes! Must see!

Screenshot_20190419-103349_Samsung Internet

Baby and Pugs Play Together for the First Time

11-month-old Vince was full of giggles when he got to play with these adorable pugs in his home in Scotland…

Screenshot_20190419-102116_Samsung Internet

CNN Reporter Fighting Off Lizard On Live TV Goes Viral

A CNN reporter has gone viral after an unusual moment on live television.

Screenshot_20190418-212549_Samsung Internet

Firefighters Push Person Home After Electric Wheelchair Stops Working

Firefighters with the Raytown Fire Protection District in Missouri are winning hearts all over for a recent kind deed they…

Screenshot_20190418-104218_Samsung Internet

Slackline fail!

Der Typ fällt wie ein Großer!

Screenshot_20190418-103627_Samsung Internet

The Cart is the way to his Heart

We all know that babies and toddlers can sometimes get so specific about what they want or don’t want to…

Screenshot_20190418-103239_Samsung Internet

Done in by the Dizzies

Getting dizzy can be pretty fun, right? When you’re in the middle of spinning, you want to go faster and…

Screenshot_20190418-082337_Samsung Internet

Highly visible meteor caught on dash cam

A dash cam captures a stunning video of a meteor in the night sky. Credit: AMS American Meteor Society

Screenshot_20190418-082023_Samsung Internet

See what this dog does…

This dog has just discovered his shadow and is super happy about it!

Screenshot_20190409-181531_Samsung Internet

Pilot drinks water from cup while flying upside down

How cool is this? Water vs gravity while flying in a fighter jet!

Screenshot_20190409-084733_Samsung Internet

Pool jump attempt leads to painful landing

This jump definitely didn't go as planned! Good thing he ended up being okay!

Screenshot_20190409-083708_Samsung Internet

Stubborn English Bulldog refuses to get off of comfy bed

Can you blame Benji the bulldog? He'd rather chill in bed!

Screenshot_20190409-083425_Samsung Internet

Man Brings Trees For A Ride On 2 Subway Train Under Manhattan

A viral video shows a man loading trees onto the 2 train, creating a mini-rain forest that other commuters said…

Screenshot_20190407-194634_Samsung Internet

A hungry zebra tried to eat this guy’s camera

Ever wondered what a zebra's teeth look like? 🦓

Screenshot_20190407-194212_Samsung Internet

Watch this chameleon snatch a bug out of midair

This chameleon snatches a bug out of midair for dinner 🍴

Screenshot_20190407-114240_Samsung Internet

Hoop Falls on Man Attempting Dunk

This man wanted to go for a slam dunk on his basketball hoop. Hilariously, he put too much of his…

Screenshot_20190407-114042_Samsung Internet

Friend Gets Stuck Under Car Seat After Man Breaks Too Hard

This man was driving and wanted to prank his friend by hitting the breaks too hard and make him fall…

Screenshot_20190407-113841_Samsung Internet

Curious Pug Plays with Reflection in Mirror

This Pug saw her reflection in a mirror for the first time and was so curious she couldn't look away.…

Screenshot_20190407-102815_Samsung Internet

Moon sets behind earth in striking video taken in space

Astronaut shares beautiful view of a moonset as seen from the International Space Station

Screenshot_20190407-081731_Samsung Internet

Cat Looks Horrified at Seeing Several Bouncing Balls

While this cat was busy chasing a small ball, her owner threw a bunch of bouncing balls towards her. The…

Screenshot_20190407-081135_Samsung Internet

Cat Tries to Eat Grapes and Falls off Table

This cat had a craving for some grapes he saw in a fruit bowl on his owner's table. Hilariously, as…

Screenshot_20190406-195444_Samsung Internet

Officer catches dog skateboarding in Northwest Jacksonville

This one will make you smile! Police see a lot of things. When JSO Officer Busatta caught this dog skateboarding…

Screenshot_20190406-110940_Samsung Internet

Brazen thieves get caught in the act

On March 28, 2019 around 2:48 pm, Cape Coral Police responded to a call for service at 221 Northeast 20th…

Screenshot_20190406-091409_Samsung Internet

Police rescue man trapped in apartment fire

West Valley City police released the body camera footage of two officers who helped a man escape through his window…

Screenshot_20190406-082209_Samsung Internet

Precious baby boy scared of his shadow

This kid is scared of his own shadow that seems to follow him everywhere he goes!

Screenshot_20190406-080957_Samsung Internet

Kid busts out epic dance moves to classic tune

Don’t mess with these dance moves! Check it out!

Screenshot_20190406-054705_Samsung Internet

Pollen cloud is released as tree branch is cut down

A Tennessee tree maintenance and removal company took slow motion video of a tree branch being cut down, stirring up…

Screenshot_20190405-203544_Samsung Internet

This man with no hands is the best pool player

This man was born without hands... but he can shoot pool with the best of 'em

Screenshot_20190405-183111_Samsung Internet

Guy Does Parkour Jump onto Slanted Roof on Shed

This man wanted to try out his parkour skills using a slanted roof on top of a shed. Amazingly, he…

Screenshot_20190405-180911_Samsung Internet

Amazing 148ft spiral tower in Denmark forest

Amazing 148ft spiral tower in Denmark forest

Screenshot_20190405-105224_Samsung Internet

I Survived A Shark Attack | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

DRAMATIC footage shows a diver being bitten on the leg by a shark off the coast of Egypt – and…

Screenshot_20190404-214554_Samsung Internet

Green Bay woman’s April Fools’ Day prank goes viral

The mastermind behind the prank, Maureen Pritchard, says she saved Amazon boxes from friends and family for nearly six months.

Screenshot_20190404-154152_Samsung Internet

A UPS driver is going viral for his puppy encounters

This UPS driver makes some furry friends throughout his workday.

Screenshot_20190404-140403_Samsung Internet

Airport Employee Breaks into Dance on Runway

This airport employee dealt with a few minutes of flight delay by breaking into a dance on the runway. She…

Screenshot_20190404-132904_Samsung Internet

Future Football Star

Many people develop life-long interests and hobbies when they’re little, and I think this guy counts as one! He’s SO…

Screenshot_20190404-031935_Samsung Internet

Man Pops Exercise Ball Attempting Gymnastics Flip on Beach

This man wanted to try doing a gymnastics flip off an exercise ball while hanging out at the beach. Unfortunately,…

Screenshot_20190404-031805_Samsung Internet

Man Makes Homemade Treadmill out of Soap and Water

This man didn't want to spend money on a treadmill and decided to make a "homemade" verion using soap and water.…

Screenshot_20190404-031613_Samsung Internet

Mom on Phone Surprised by Marine Son’s Homecoming

This woman was on hold with customer service when all of a sudden her marine son walked through the door…

Screenshot_20190404-031353_Samsung Internet

Private Pic Of Beyoncé’s Kids Posted: Fans Furious

Fans are furious that a new photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids was leaked to the internet. The picture went…

Screenshot_20190404-031142_Samsung Internet

Man Rescues Baby Bird Out of Garbage Can

This man was driving to work when a baby bird landed on his truck's hood before accidentally flying into a…

Screenshot_20190404-030854_Samsung Internet


Most pets are happy doing normal things, like playing fetch in a yard or stretching out to take a nap…

Screenshot_20190404-030649_Samsung Internet

Mechanical Bull Fails

It’s easy to look at a mechanical bull and think, “yeah, I could ride that with no problems”. Actually managing…

Screenshot_20190404-030338_Samsung Internet

Orangutan shows off which team she’s batting for

Bornean orangutan Rayma appears to have her heart set on one baseball team - and has a t-shirt to prove…

Screenshot_20190403-032149_Samsung Internet

Massive Group of Stingrays Migrate Across Ocean

This person caught the most amazing sight when flying their drone over the ocean. Amazingly, a massive group of Golden…

Screenshot_20190402-223537_Samsung Internet

White-Tailed Sea Eagle Catches Fish While Flying

This person was on a boat excursion when they saw a group of White-Tailed Sea Eagles flying around and decided…

Screenshot_20190402-165020_Samsung Internet

Office Mate Gets Pranked with Foil Wrapped Desk and Airhorn

This man's friend wanted to pull a classic prank on him at their office by wrapping his desk in foil…

Screenshot_20190402-142925_Samsung Internet

Basketball Fan Celebrates Final Four Win

This man was overwhelmed when he saw his favorite basketball team was headed to the final four in the March…

Screenshot_20190402-112329_Samsung Internet

Indoor Fails

If you thought you were safe from fails by staying indoors, I have some bad news for you…as you’ll see…

Screenshot_20190402-111702_Samsung Internet

Dirt Bike Disaster

Okay, this video is a real “wait for it” situation, but we promise it’s worth it! A woman is going…

Screenshot_20190402-094709_Samsung Internet

Three-Year-Old Adorably Explains Reason Behind Dinosaur Extinction

This three-year-old boy quite adorably explained the reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs. He says that there was an explosion…

Screenshot_20190402-094246_Samsung Internet

Fitness enthusiast succeeds in splits challenge in US

Video shows a man's seven-month long routine ending in splits

Screenshot_20190402-094017_Samsung Internet

Woman Bangs Into Wall While Playing Virtual Reality Game

While playing a virtual reality game for the first time, this woman had to go up an 80-story building, walk…

Screenshot_20190401-204323_Samsung Internet

Snake trapped in beer can rescued by woman in US

A Brooksville woman overcomes her fear of snakes to rescues one stuck in a beer can. Video credit: Rosa Fond.

Screenshot_20190401-204152_Samsung Internet

These Kids have Moves!

Are there any dance competitions currently holding auditions? Because I think we have a real winner here! These kids are…

Screenshot_20190401-203943_Samsung Internet

Tripping Up

“Have a nice trip, see you next fall!” If you’re a clumsy person, you’ve definitely had those words said to…

Screenshot_20190401-203808_Samsung Internet

Kids VS Snow

Kids love the snow – there are endless possibilities for fun! But sometimes, the snow doesn’t love them…and trust me…

Screenshot_20190401-203403_Samsung Internet

21-year-old Student Samantha Josephson Killed After Mistaking Stranger’s Car for Uber

This 21-year-old student was killed after getting into a car that she mistook for her Uber. This video, "21-year-old Student…

Screenshot_20190401-151154_Samsung Internet

People on Boat Have Incredible Encounter With Baby Whale

A group of people got excited when they saw a huge whale breaching near their boat. The whale along with…

Screenshot_20190401-123140_Samsung Internet

$1,000 Pizza Slice: Worth It?

This article is from ThrillistOn this episode of Really Dough? Mark leaves Brooklyn! It’s a miracle! Mark and Scott hop…

Screenshot_20190401-101031_Samsung Internet

Connecticut Dad Goes Viral for Singing Opera at Disney World

30-year old Justin Gigliello of Connecticut was on vacation at Disney World when he became a viral video star. His…

Screenshot_20190401-081746_Samsung Internet

Woman describes attack where dog bit off her hand

Woman describes attack where dog bit off her hand

Screenshot_20190401-081404_Samsung Internet

Firefighters rescue dog from well in Italy

Italian fire brigade recovers a trapped dog from a well in Italy's Petralia Sottana

Screenshot_20190331-202657_Samsung Internet

Youth footballer deliberately misses penalty

A youth footballer playing for Galatasaray deliberately missed a penalty after disagreeing with the referee's decision. The moment was captured…

Screenshot_20190331-174155_Samsung Internet

Washington Woman`s Video of Brazen Package Theft Goes Viral

A Renton woman is taking action on social media after becoming a victim of package theft, hoping to shame the…