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Vous avez déjà vu une grue géante s’effondrer?

Heureusement, tout se passe sur l’eau, mais c’est impressionnant!

Biker Gets Pinned Under Motorcycle After Stunt Attempt

This biker was caught by surprise when he attempted to pop a wheelie on his.

Camp Fire Evacuation Traffic in California

Occurred on November 8, 2018 / Paradise, California, USA Info from Licensor: “We were escaping.

Guy Crashes and Flips Over Wall After Biking Down Stairs

This guy wanted to ride his bike down a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, he did.

Woman Does Yoga Handstand in Front of Penguins

This woman decided she wanted to make friends with a group of penguins she saw.

Guy Slams into Bathroom Door Attempting Handstand

This man wanted to try doing a handstand. Unfortunately, mid-way through the attempt he slammed.

This Taco Is so Spicy You Need to Sign a Waiver to Eat It

This article is from ThrillistServed in a small coffin, the Reaper Taco is a death-defying.

David Schwimmer Lookalike Arrested

Police arrested an alleged criminal, after surveillance video of him went viral due to his.

Smoking Tire Gender Reveal

Occurred on October 22, 2018 / Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Info from Licensor: “For my baby’s.

Ultimate Montana Truck SUV

Occurred on November 10, 2018 / Great Falls, Montana, USA Info from Licensor: “This monster.