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Teenager skating falls off wall

Skating might be risky sometimes.

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Girl Falls in Water as Wakeboard Gets Stuck on Ramp While Taking Off

This girl was standing on a ramp wearing wakeboard. She was holding a zipline cord.

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Loving Dog Hugs Owner While She Pretends to Cry in Front of Him

Marley, the dog, lovingly hugged his owner while she pretended to cry. He was playing.

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Guy Scares Off Friend by Playing Cardboard Box Prank on Him

This guy was working in a warehouse. He was walking around while he stopped to.

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Smart Kid Unveils Unique Way to Turn T-Shirt’s Right Side Out

This kid was sitting in his bedroom. He showed a unique way to turn a.

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Ne sautez pas d’un balcon!

Même si votre ami vous tend les bras…

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Goat Funnily Helps Owner in Sweeping Ground With Broom

This goat was on the farm with his owner. He had a long broom clasped.

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Doctors Couldn’t Believe What They Found In This Patient’s Stomach…

Doctors Couldn’t Believe What They Found In This Patient’s Stomach…

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Dog’s Comes Out of Makeshift Watermelon Rind Helmet

This dog’s owner carved out a watermelon keeping the rinds intact. They used the two.

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Girl Jumps Along With Friend While Rope Gliding With Nothing to Grip

This girl was trying to glide on a rope along with her friend. However, she.