CNN Reporter Fighting Off Lizard On Live TV Goes Viral

A CNN reporter has gone viral after an unusual moment on live television.

Firefighters Push Person Home After Electric Wheelchair Stops Working

Firefighters with the Raytown Fire Protection District in Missouri are winning hearts all over for.

Slackline fail!

Der Typ fällt wie ein Großer!

The Cart is the way to his Heart

We all know that babies and toddlers can sometimes get so specific about what they.

Done in by the Dizzies

Getting dizzy can be pretty fun, right? When you’re in the middle of spinning, you.

Highly visible meteor caught on dash cam

A dash cam captures a stunning video of a meteor in the night sky. Credit:.

See what this dog does…

This dog has just discovered his shadow and is super happy about it!

Pilot drinks water from cup while flying upside down

How cool is this? Water vs gravity while flying in a fighter jet!

Pool jump attempt leads to painful landing

This jump definitely didn’t go as planned! Good thing he ended up being okay!

Stubborn English Bulldog refuses to get off of comfy bed

Can you blame Benji the bulldog? He’d rather chill in bed!