Airport Employee Breaks into Dance on Runway

This airport employee dealt with a few minutes of flight delay by breaking into a.

Future Football Star

Many people develop life-long interests and hobbies when they’re little, and I think this guy.

Man Pops Exercise Ball Attempting Gymnastics Flip on Beach

This man wanted to try doing a gymnastics flip off an exercise ball while hanging.

Man Makes Homemade Treadmill out of Soap and Water

This man didn’t want to spend money on a treadmill and decided to make a.

Mom on Phone Surprised by Marine Son’s Homecoming

This woman was on hold with customer service when all of a sudden her marine.

Private Pic Of Beyoncé’s Kids Posted: Fans Furious

Fans are furious that a new photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s kids was leaked to.

Man Rescues Baby Bird Out of Garbage Can

This man was driving to work when a baby bird landed on his truck’s hood.


Most pets are happy doing normal things, like playing fetch in a yard or stretching.

Mechanical Bull Fails

It’s easy to look at a mechanical bull and think, “yeah, I could ride that.

Orangutan shows off which team she’s batting for

Bornean orangutan Rayma appears to have her heart set on one baseball team – and.