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Safety First!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “safety first” plenty of times, but it can be.

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Kaiju Big Battel Brings Delight to New York Wrestling Fans

Kaiju Big Battel was born more than two decades ago, with creators Rand and David.

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‘Flying soldier’ films French Bastille day celebration from above

Helmet camera footage of the French inventor Franky Zapata riding a jet-powered ‘flyboard’ shows France’s.

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Lego builds life-size astronaut to celebrate Apollo 11 anniversary

A time-lapse video shows model builders constructing a life-size Apollo 11 astronaut made from over.

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Kitten Rescued From Building Shaft

This kitten had fallen in the shaft of a building from an opening in the.

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She Secretly Filmed Her Operation And Heard Her Surgeons Saying Something Shocking

She Secretly Filmed Her Operation And Heard Her Surgeons Saying Something Shocking

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Random Woman Carries Man in Suit on Her Back to Cross Flooded Train Station

This man dressed in a suit ran down the steps of the train station to reach.

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Man runs onto baseball field during ran delay, slides on water-filled tarp

During a rain delay for a Dodgers/Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, a man runs.

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Twins gender reveal results in epic conclusion

After countless IVF failures, this couple finally became pregnant with twins after Amber’s sister donated.

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Diver’s incredible face-to-face encounter with Great White Shark

While spear fishing over a reef called Deep Pinnacles in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, this.