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Man Wipes Out After Colliding With Friend on Different Tube While Inner Tubing

These two mates went inner tubing on towable rings behind a jet ski. When the.

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Dad Overjoyed at Son’s First Attempt at Riding a Bike

This dad was teaching his son how to ride a bike. His happiness knew no.

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Guy Riding Bike in Mountains Hits Rock and Flips Over Handlebars

On a windy day, this guy was riding his bike over a rocky mountain. However,.

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Doorway Pull Up Bar Comes Off While Guy Does One Hand Pull-Ups

This guy was doing one hand pull-ups on a doorway pull up bar. He managed.

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Man Falls as Chair Breaks When He Sits on It

This man went outside to his porch to enjoy his cup of coffee. However, when.

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Dog Lovingly Licks Man’s Head and Gives Him Kisses

When this guy came to visit his friend and sat in her father’s recliner, Gisele,.

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Guy Riding Scooter Escapes From Being Chased by Police Car by Driving Around Car

This guy was riding a scooter and was being chased by a police car on.

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Office Chair Fails

Rolling office chairs are incredibly tempting to play with – you can spin in circles,.

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Clumsy baby elephant gets help from big sister to escape mud

This clumsy baby elephant is the cutest thing you’ll see today

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Arsenal mascot hit in the face during penalty shoot-out

Gunnersaurus had a tough first day back at the office as he took a football.