College Students Climb Through Hole in Bathroom Wall, Find Shrine to Danny DeVito

n a viral video originally posted to Twitter, students at Purchase College, New York, explored a unique feature in their building: a hidden chamber containing a “trash shrine” to actor Danny DeVito.Emma Murray recorded this video of their visit to the shrine, and the weird and wonderful addition to the college was accessible via a large hole in a bathroom, that according to another Twitter user, was located behind a paper towel dispenser. A corner of the chamber featured a pile of trash, presided over by an image of DeVito with a sign entreating visitors to leave their own trash offering.Vice reported that the shrine was the creative work of student Phillip Hosang. Purchase College tweeted in praise of the shrine, but unfortunately made the decision to seal up the entry, as recorded in this tweet.Danny DeVito responded to the shrine, with a tongue-in-cheek tweet thanking students and offering words of motivation. Credit: Emma Murray via Storyful

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