Hong Kong Airport Employees Toss Luggage Carelessly

Occurred on September 27, 2018 / Hong Kong, China Info from Licensor: “I was traveling from Xiamen to Hong Kong. When the flight landed at the Hong Kong airport and the passengers started standing up to leave the plane, I saw the workers handling the luggage. I was surprised to see how bags labeled “fragile” were treated. I don’t want to create any trouble for the workers, I just want to make awareness of the situation. The airport apologized for the event, and a spokesperson for Hong Kong Airport Services said: “The company is aware of the footage and has taken it up with the outsourced supplier involved. HAS takes the handling of passenger’s property seriously and we expect the same commitment from all of our suppliers. We sincerely apologize to the passengers of our customer airlines in this particular incident. We have since reminded our own employees and our suppliers again about the proper handling procedures.””

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