Man on water-powered jetpack performs for cruise ship passengers

After boarding their ship in Miami, Brent and Elsa ventured to the upper decks. Taking in all the views of the Miami Beach area around the shipping ports proved to be quite interesting. As the ship departed there proved to be quite a wealthy group of residents. Massive personal yachts lined the waterway the cruise ship was taking to the open ocean. Small boats with many friends aboard partied as the ship passed them. Onboard the cruise ship, passengers and crew had begun their week aboard en-route to the Caribbean. As they enjoyed seeing all the activity off the ship, Elsa made note of one guy that was doing loops and flips while attached to a jetpack blasting water. The high pressure provided by the personal water craft attached to the “performer” forced him high into the sky. circling the watercraft, the performer spun and flipped. Waiting for this performer do execute his next trick became quite exciting. Was he going to crash? Was the jetpack going to keep working? As time went by, he showed his huge crowd some great skills. Round and round he went, up, down, spinning. Many onlookers cheer

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