Rupinder Ashan’s Makeup Art Will Blow Your Mind

Rupinder Ashan spends eight hours on her wild makeup looks—and she’s entirely self-taught.   The 34-year-old is a tax advisor in the UK. In 2015, she started an Instagram account to explore makeup art. She quickly fell in love with body painting and began teaching herself. “I love sitting down and painting — it’s my escape and feel like therapy!” she stated online. “Creating art for Instagram has allowed me to explore my culture more than I ever did before. I was never that proud of my culture before, but since starting bodypainting, I’ve started appreciating it and being proud of being different.” Ashan’s parents are from India and she was born and raised in the UK. In addition to Indian culture, she’s inspired by nature, mythology, patterns, colors, cultures, and other artists’ work. She also does makeup professionally for clients — but she enjoys doing the more creative work on herself. For the artist, makeup is about a lot more than looking good. “Makeup isn’t all about ‘looking pretty,’ it’s an art form! And no matter what you look like, you can succeed in the ‘beauty’ community on Instagram!” she explained. “I want people to embrace who they are and what they look like, and I hope my page and by following me, they feel empowered to be more confident.” This video, “Rupinder Ashan’s Makeup Art Will Blow Your Mind”, first appeared on

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