Small Dog Attacks Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most practical and brilliantly handy house appliances, but it can also be much more. Take this dog from our video, for instance. The vacuum cleaner has nothing to do with house cleaning for this adorable and playful pup. It's just a huge funny toy to play with! Just take a look at him how happy he is! It's so amusing to watch him having so much fun with it while his lady owner tries to clean up a house a little bit. He is so into it that even she has to stop for a minute and let her lively dog enjoy this game! It's like playing fetch indoors, but even better - it's loud, it moves around but doesn't require too much chasing! Pure perfection! Maybe every dog owner should consider introducing their pups to the vacuum cleaner as soon as possible for some amazing indoors fun!

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