Road Shattered by Earthquake

Occurred on November 30, 2018 / Meadow Lakes, Alaska, USA Info from Licensor: “My girlfriend.

Gymnast flies through the air to break record

This incredible video shows a high-flying gymnast propel himself almost SIX metres through the air.

Kid Shows Amazing Tricks on Slackline Rope

This 11-year-old kid showed off amazing slackline tricks. He performed a series of jumps and.

Man Exhibits Amazing Plate Spinning Skills

This man exhibited some amazing plate spinning skills using three plates and two sticks. 

Man Juggles Four Spinning Plates on Two Sticks

This man showed off his plate spinning skills by juggling four plates spinning on two.

Elephant Shoots Perfect Basketball Goal With Trunk

This talented elephant threw a basketball using his trunk sending it straight into the hoop.

Skater Does 180 Degree Flip off Skateboard During Ramp Jump

This skater wanted to try a unique trick at a grand opening of a new.

Guy Performs Series of Gainers on Concrete Without Stopping

This guy showed off his amazing acrobatic talent by performing a trick called a gainer,.

Double Dutching Kid Does Insanely Fast Rope Skipping

This kid was perfecting his skills in double dutch. Amazingly, as two other children maneuvered the.

Guy Mows Lawn While Balancing 500-Pound Barbell on Shoulders

This guy decided he wanted a challenge while doing household chores. As he mowed his.