Mom Gets Whipped Cream in Eye

This mom wanted to get whipped cream in her mouth by throwing it in the.

Kid Accidentally Smacks Man Trying to Hit Birthday Piñata

This little boy wanted to hit a birthday piñata while his eyes were closed. Hilariously,.

Kid Accidentally Causes Opponent to Crash in Dirt Bike Race

This kid really wanted to win a dirt bike race fair and square. Unfortunately, he.

Lumberjack Can’t Cut Tree All the Way Through

This lumberjack wanted to cut down a tree in the forest. Hilariously, when he cut.

Man Falls Multiple Times Jumping off Roof with Scooter

This man wanted to jump off a roof with his scooter and glide down the.

Girl Faceplants Attempting to Stand on Exercise Ball

This girl wanted to stand on an exercise ball for a photograph, Unfortunately, it rolled.

Man Tries to Catch Rope Swing Off Moving Boat and Falls

This man wanted to catch a rope swing off a moving boat. Unfortunately, he lost.

Guy Leaping Across Rocks Falls into River

This guy wanted to jump across the rocks that were on a wide river. Unfortunately,.

Guy Spins and Falls off Skateboard

This man wanted to do a couple of spin tricks while riding his skateboard down.

Man Falls Practicing Backflip on Playground Swing

This man wanted to learn how to do a backflip by practicing on a swing..