Man Falls Practicing Backflip on Playground Swing

This man wanted to learn how to do a backflip by practicing on a swing..

Guy’s Mask Falls off After Deadlift Plus Backflip Attempt

This masked guy attempted a deadlift followed by a backflip at the gym. He successfully.

Woman Faces Fall Practicing Hoop Diving

This duo was trying to land an acrobatic trick where the man pushes the woman.

Guy Ends up Faceplanting on Floor While Double Backflipping

This guy attempted to do a double backflip at a tricking gathering in Graz, Austria..

Man Hits Face with Knees While Attempting Backflip

This man attempted to perform a backflip in his backyard. Unfortunately, he hit himself in.

Guy Nearly Smashes Phone After Performing Backflip

This guy successfully did a backflip while holding a weight. However, he lost his footing.

Guy Faceplants to Ground While Backflipping off Pull-Up Bar

This guy along with his friend was practicing gymnastic tricks outdoors. One of them tried.

Girl Performs Series of Backflips Down Steep Hill

This girl wanted to show off her crazy acrobatic skills. Starting from a standing position,.

Girl Backflips into Pool and Lands on Back

This girl was in the pool with her friends when she asked them to launch.

Guy Faces Nasty Fall After Trying Backflip on Bike

This guy attempted to do a backflip on a bike, but he freaked out mid-air.