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Boy Flips Over Bike After Jumping Off Ramp

This boy wanted to jump over a small pond on his bike in a backyard..

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Biker Gets Pinned Under Motorcycle After Stunt Attempt

This biker was caught by surprise when he attempted to pop a wheelie on his.

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Guy Crashes and Flips Over Wall After Biking Down Stairs

This guy wanted to ride his bike down a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, he did.

Screenshot_20181110-203837_Samsung Internet
Biker Falls Off Dirt Bike On Ramp Wall and Lands on Feet

This biker was lucky when he fell off his dirt bike while trying to drive.

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Bike Thief Receives Instant Karma

Occurred on May 19, 2018 / Kaysville, Utah, USA Info from Licensor: “My son rode.

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Biker Flips over Handlebars After Failed Ramp Jump

This guy wanted to try a ramp jump on his bike in the backyard. As.

Screenshot_20181028-144742_Samsung Internet
Wheel Pops off Bike During Wheelie

This guy wanted to pop a wheelie on his mountain bike. Unfortunately, as he pulled.

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Couple Falls Over While Attempting to Kiss During Bike Ride

This couple wanted to try giving each other a kiss while biking at the same.

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Guy Faceplants After Failing to Bike up Tree

This guy thought it would be a good idea to ride his bike up the.