Parents Can’t Stop Laughing While Filming Family Vlog

This mom and dad wanted to film a video blog for their kids. Hilariously, when.

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Black Friday TV Mania

Occurred on November 22, 2018 / Bayou Vista, Louisiana, USA Info from Licensor: “I was.

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Crossfit Enthusiast Drops Huge Weight on Head while Lifting

This crossfitting man wanted to lift a gigantic free weight. Unfortunately, he lost his grip.

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Guy Slams into Bathroom Door Attempting Handstand

This man wanted to try doing a handstand. Unfortunately, mid-way through the attempt he slammed.

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Bodybuilder Falls on Back Attempting Box Jump

This bodybuilder wanted to try jumping over a tall box. Unfortunately, he lost his footing.

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Black Bear Steals Bird Feeder

This black bear really wanted a bird feeder hanging from a tree. Carefully, he removed.

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Man Hits Face with Knees While Attempting Backflip

This man attempted to perform a backflip in his backyard. Unfortunately, he hit himself in.

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Crawling Clown Scares Mother-In-Law

This man wanted to prank his mother-in-law. After putting on a creepy clown mask, he crawled.

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Skateboarder Gets Hit in Crotch After Failed Kickflip

This skateboarder wanted to impress their friends with a kickflip. Unfortunately, halfway through the flip,.

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Wheel Pops off Bike During Wheelie

This guy wanted to pop a wheelie on his mountain bike. Unfortunately, as he pulled.