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A burglary victim slammed police for deleting CCTV

A burglary victim has slammed bungling police for failing to collect CCTV footage of the.

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Guy Falls Attempting 180 Spin While Barefoot Waterskiing

This man was barefoot waterskiing and he wanted to try a new trick where he.

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Barefoot Waterskiing Using Human as Rope

This guy went barefoot waterskiing using his human friend as a rope. His friend held.

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Guy Encounters Great White Shark While Kayak Fishing

This kayaker was out fishing when he encountered a great white shark passing dangerously close.

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Boat Off-Roading

Occurred on October 19, 2018 / Skeena River, Canada Info from Licensor: “Just a group.

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Man Slips Hilariously on Boat’s Edge and Falls into Water

This spirited guy decided to dive off a boat while honeymooning with his partner in.

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Australian Boat Capsizes in the Middle of Storm

This boat in Australia was sailing through some choppy waves in a storm. Unfortunately, the.

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Deep-Sea Fishermen Rescue Two Men from Sinking Boat

These guys were fishing in the Irish sea when they came across a boat that.

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Woman Panics Over Close Encounter With Whales

This family was out on their boat when they spotted a few whales coming dangerously.

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Funniest Fishing FAILS

This compilation is guaranteed to make you LOL today with this collection of the FUNNIEST.