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Kid Flies out of Spinning Office Chair

This brother and sister wanted to go for a wild ride in an office chair..

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Boy Flips Over Bike After Jumping Off Ramp

This boy wanted to jump over a small pond on his bike in a backyard..

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Dad Catches Falling Baby with Quick Reflexes

This dad used his quick reflexes to catch his baby son when he tumbled off.

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Father and Son Life Moment with Driver’s License

Occurred on November 14, 2018 / Memphis, Tennessee, USA Info from Licensor: “The father is.

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Kid Shows Amazing Tricks on Slackline Rope

This 11-year-old kid showed off amazing slackline tricks. He performed a series of jumps and.

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Smoking Tire Gender Reveal

Occurred on October 22, 2018 / Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Info from Licensor: “For my baby’s.

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Parents Surprise Kids with WiFi

These kids had been asking for a wifi router for a long while when their.

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Boy’s Snoring is Surprisingly Loud

Do you ever wonder if you snore while sleeping? This video can’t answer that, but.

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Girl Passes Skateboard to Friend With Perfect Flip

This duo performed an amazing skateboard trick where the girl passed the board to the guy.

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This Boy’s Funny Voice will Make Your Day

This little boy is such a comedian with his funny voice! When mom asks this.