Girl Breaks Ceiling Lamp After Nailing Bottle Flip

This girl wanted to celebrate after nailing a water bottle flip onto a curtain rod.

Mom Gets Whipped Cream in Eye

This mom wanted to get whipped cream in her mouth by throwing it in the.

Little Girl Chooses to eat Broccoli Over Chocolates and Candies

This little girl refused to eat a variety of chocolates and candies offered to her.

Dad Successfully Puts Instant Coffee in Machine off Head

This dad had been practicing for months to balance an instant coffee cup on his.

Snowboarder Does Spin Jump on Skateboard Without Wheels

This snowboarder wanted to show off his skills on the slope using a skateboard without.

Man Pulls Washing Invisible Door Prank on Friend

This man wanted to pull a funny prank on his friend by pretending to wash.

Kid Flies out of Spinning Office Chair

This brother and sister wanted to go for a wild ride in an office chair..

Snowboarder Frontflips Over Snowbank After Multiple Tries

This snowboarder was having a hard time after he failed to front flip over a.

Boy Flips Over Bike After Jumping Off Ramp

This boy wanted to jump over a small pond on his bike in a backyard..

Kid Accidentally Smacks Man Trying to Hit Birthday Piñata

This little boy wanted to hit a birthday piñata while his eyes were closed. Hilariously,.