Parents Can’t Stop Laughing While Filming Family Vlog

This mom and dad wanted to film a video blog for their kids. Hilariously, when.

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Couple Wed in Hospital After Son’s Brain Injury

This is the emotional moment a couple tied the knot having moved their wedding ceremony.

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Arsonists caught torching £40,000 Audi on CCTV

A young couple caught arsonists torching their £40,000 Audi Q3 on CCTV – but say.

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Romantic Couple Tumble into Sea Trying to Ride Swing

This couple was trying to sit on a swing set up by the beach, but.

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Say “I Do” to these Great Wedding Fails

Weddings can be so beautiful, so moving, so romantic, and so…funny?!? Well, no matter how.

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Frightening Moment Car is Struck by Lightning

This is the frightening moment a couple’s car was struck by lightning as they waited.

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Couple Falls Over While Attempting to Kiss During Bike Ride

This couple wanted to try giving each other a kiss while biking at the same.

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Woman Tells Husband She’s Pregnant After Five Years of Trying

This woman was shocked to discover that she was pregnant after five years of trying.

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Couple Reveals Gender of Baby with Traditional Aztec Drums

This couple wanted to incorporate their cultural traditions into their gender reveal ceremony. As they.

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Mom Terrified As Rare Tornado Causes Tree To Fall on House with Baby Inside

A rare EF-0 tornado with winds of 85 miles per hour hit the town of.