Screenshot_20181018-094525_Samsung Internet
Trucker Runs Power-Line Over

Occurred on October 15, 2018 / Midland, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: “Some trucker running.

Screenshot_20181017-212139_Samsung Internet
Stuck Semi-Truck Gets Direct Hit from Train

Occurred on October 15, 2018 / Del Rio, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: “I work.

Screenshot_20181017-155504_Samsung Internet
Fish Confusedly Stare at Crashed Underwater Drone

During a live drone race in Switzerland, the pilot of the drone lost its signal.

Screenshot_20181014-062941_Samsung Internet
Car Avoids One Collision, Has Head on with a Pole

Occurred on October 13, 2018 / Novocherkassk, Russia Info from Licensor: “A car moved at.

Screenshot_20181012-173212_Samsung Internet
Tractor Tow Fishtailing Close Call

Occurred on March 23, 2018 / Springfield, Illinois, USA Info from Licensor: “I was towing.

Screenshot_20181006-170515_Samsung Internet
Guy Faces Nasty Fall After Trying Backflip on Bike

This guy attempted to do a backflip on a bike, but he freaked out mid-air.

Screenshot_20181006-141225_Samsung Internet
Transit Bus Hits Jaywalker

Info: A transit bus hit a pedestrian that was jaywalking in Vancouver.

Screenshot_20181005-233817_Samsung Internet
Acrobat Falls Practicing New Tricks on Cyr Wheel

This acrobat was practicing a few new tricks on the Cyr wheel when he lost.

Screenshot_20181005-233557_Samsung Internet
Girl Speeds Down the Hill and Faces Fall

This girl came running down the hill after a man who was mud sliding. However,.

Screenshot_20181005-101703_Samsung Internet
Clueless Driver Hits Cars with Pipe

Occurred on September 26, 2018 / Union City, Georgia, USA Info from Licensor: “While driving.