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Man Falls Multiple Times Jumping off Roof with Scooter

This man wanted to jump off a roof with his scooter and glide down the.

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Man Tries to Catch Rope Swing Off Moving Boat and Falls

This man wanted to catch a rope swing off a moving boat. Unfortunately, he lost.

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Guy Leaping Across Rocks Falls into River

This guy wanted to jump across the rocks that were on a wide river. Unfortunately,.

Screenshot_20181127-210554_Samsung Internet
Guy Spins and Falls off Skateboard

This man wanted to do a couple of spin tricks while riding his skateboard down.

Parents Can’t Stop Laughing While Filming Family Vlog

This mom and dad wanted to film a video blog for their kids. Hilariously, when.

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Man Faceplants Attempting to Drive Over Dirt Ramp on ATV

This man wanted to drive his ATV over a dirt ramp he had built in.

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Guy Falls On Back Attempting to Jump Across Shallow Stream

This man wanted to jump across a shallow stream. Getting a running start down the.

Screenshot_20181119-171714_Samsung Internet
Baby Faceplants During Baptism

This baby did not like being baptized. Hilariously, they slipped while sitting in the fountain and.

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Guy Proposes to Girlfriend While Playing Funny Game

This couple was playing a game where the player had to guess what their opponent was.

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Man Faceplants after Successful Hand Stand on Balance Beam

This man was ready to stick the landing after doing a successful handstand on balance.