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Man on water-powered jetpack performs for cruise ship passengers

After boarding their ship in Miami, Brent and Elsa ventured to the upper decks. Taking.

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Epic Christmas light display on Connecticut home

All 33,750 led lights in this display are controlled used Light-O-Rama (LOR) hardware and software..

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Festive decorations dazzle neighborhood with Christmas light display

Christmas light displays have moved on from a static display to much more extravagant ones.

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Russians dress as “human bus” in attempt to get across vehicle-only bridge

Local security in Vladivostok, Russia, caught four people disguised as a bus in an attempt.

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Stunning Christmas decorations captured in London

Check out the wonderful Christmas decorations on Oxford Street in London. Beautiful!

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Man eats both of world’s hottest peppers at once, relies on internet’s advice for remedies

Last year Dave set out to eat a ghost pepper but the whole thing went.

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Dance crew entertains passengers during 6 hour flight delay

A flight was delayed for 6 hours in Dallas, creating many any angry tired passengers..

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Spectacular fireworks display finale in Cannes, France

Check out this fireworks show filmed at the festival d’art pyrotechnique held in Cannes. The.