Girl Breaks Ceiling Lamp After Nailing Bottle Flip

This girl wanted to celebrate after nailing a water bottle flip onto a curtain rod.

Kid Flies out of Spinning Office Chair

This brother and sister wanted to go for a wild ride in an office chair..

Girl Faceplants Attempting to Stand on Exercise Ball

This girl wanted to stand on an exercise ball for a photograph, Unfortunately, it rolled.

Girl Faceplants to Dirt Riding Kick Bike Leashed to Sleigh Dogs

This girl was training with two of her sleigh dogs leashed to her kick bike..

Excited Little Girl Falls into Box Containing her Present

This little girl was very excited to open the box that contained her present. She.

Woman Crashes on Electric Scooter with Dog

This woman wanted to try riding an electric scooter while walking her dog Bruce. Unfortunately,.

Guy’s Mask Falls off After Deadlift Plus Backflip Attempt

This masked guy attempted a deadlift followed by a backflip at the gym. He successfully.

Skater Falls Attempting to Grind on Pipe Above Water

This skateboarder wanted to try grinding on a pipe above a large body of water..

Woman Trips and Falls Along With Shopping Cart

This woman was coming out of a shopping center with a loaded cart when she.

Guy Falls Through Gap after Attempt Jump Over Roof

This guy wanted to do a running jump over one roof to the other. Unfortunately,.