Screenshot_20181201-195141_Samsung Internet
Man Pulls Washing Invisible Door Prank on Friend

This man wanted to pull a funny prank on his friend by pretending to wash.

Screenshot_20181201-194530_Samsung Internet
Kid Flies out of Spinning Office Chair

This brother and sister wanted to go for a wild ride in an office chair..

Screenshot_20181129-202511_Samsung Internet
Guy Falls Attempting 180 Spin While Barefoot Waterskiing

This man was barefoot waterskiing and he wanted to try a new trick where he.

Screenshot_20181129-120218_Samsung Internet
Lumberjack Can’t Cut Tree All the Way Through

This lumberjack wanted to cut down a tree in the forest. Hilariously, when he cut.

Screenshot_20181128-203231_Samsung Internet
Girl Faceplants Attempting to Stand on Exercise Ball

This girl wanted to stand on an exercise ball for a photograph, Unfortunately, it rolled.

Screenshot_20181128-201307_Samsung Internet
Guy on Lawn Mower Tips Over in Cloud of Smoke

This guy wanted to mow his lawn while driving the lawn mower on the incline..

Screenshot_20181127-193005_Samsung Internet
Man Falls Practicing Backflip on Playground Swing

This man wanted to learn how to do a backflip by practicing on a swing..

Screenshot_20181121-112320_Samsung Internet
Woman Crashes on Electric Scooter with Dog

This woman wanted to try riding an electric scooter while walking her dog Bruce. Unfortunately,.

Screenshot_20181120-174352_Samsung Internet
Crossfit Enthusiast Drops Huge Weight on Head while Lifting

This crossfitting man wanted to lift a gigantic free weight. Unfortunately, he lost his grip.

Screenshot_20181119-204357_Samsung Internet
Guy Falls Through Gap after Attempt Jump Over Roof

This guy wanted to do a running jump over one roof to the other. Unfortunately,.