Personal Trainer Trips on Non-Moving Treadmill

This personal trainer was showing his client how to use the treadmill while standing on.

Woman Drops Roasted Potato Dish on Thanksgiving

This woman was ready to take her roasted potatoes out of the oven on Thanksgiving..

Man Falls Multiple Times Jumping off Roof with Scooter

This man wanted to jump off a roof with his scooter and glide down the.

Man Loses Control During Ramp Jump on Scooter and Falls

This man wanted to do a ramp jump on a scooter. Shockingly, he lost control.

Excited Little Girl Falls into Box Containing her Present

This little girl was very excited to open the box that contained her present. She.

Man Tries to Catch Rope Swing Off Moving Boat and Falls

This man wanted to catch a rope swing off a moving boat. Unfortunately, he lost.

Guy Leaping Across Rocks Falls into River

This guy wanted to jump across the rocks that were on a wide river. Unfortunately,.

Guy Spins and Falls off Skateboard

This man wanted to do a couple of spin tricks while riding his skateboard down.

Man Faceplants Attempting to Drive Over Dirt Ramp on ATV

This man wanted to drive his ATV over a dirt ramp he had built in.

Couple Wed in Hospital After Son’s Brain Injury

This is the emotional moment a couple tied the knot having moved their wedding ceremony.