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Adult Man Flies off While Coming Down Inflatable Water Slide

This man decided to try out an inflatable water slide for kids. While coming down,.

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Fish Confusedly Stare at Crashed Underwater Drone

During a live drone race in Switzerland, the pilot of the drone lost its signal.

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Plane Flies Too Close to Buildings

These people were shocked when they saw this C-17 plane fly way too close to.

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Racquet Flies off Kid’s Hand While Playing Badminton

This little boy accidentally let go of the racquet while trying to hit the shuttlecock during.

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Test Run of Home Built Snowmobile on Water Goes Wrong

This guy was trying out his homebuilt snowmobile on water. But it turned out that.

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Kid Faceplants in Water While Barefoot Skiing

This kid went barefoot skiing using a kneeboard to launch himself. But he couldn’t hold.

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Man Gets hit in Head After Kicking Car’s Rearview Mirror

This guy aimed a kick at the rearview mirror of a car all set to.