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Cat and puppy learn how to sit still for photo

Mikey the 5 month old Great Dane puppy is doing well with his training, but.

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Mechanical Bull Bests Clumsy Man

Oh, clumsy people: they can create some of life’s most hilarious moments! It often starts.

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Silverback Gorilla breaks up vicious fight between females

The Silverback western lowland gorilla from the Twycross Zoo is flexing his muscles when he.

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Bouncing dog hilariously jumps to see over the fence

Now this is totally priceless!

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Jack Russell Terrier humorously “winds up” for walk

This three-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is so excited for his walk that he literally warms.

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Cockatoo joins owner for epic push-up workout

Check out this healthy bird jumping on its owner’s back to join him in his.

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Puppy upstages owner and steals the spotlight with balancing skills

Christian Stoinev balances a handstand on two basketballs when his Chihuahua Percy decides to steal.

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Puppy joins in with owner’s exercise session

This athlete has found the perfect training buddy… His adorable little puppy! Too cute!

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This Interaction Between a Boy and his Baby Brother will Make Your Day

We all know that siblings don’t always get along – but when they do, it.

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Forest tire swing ends in epic fail

It was supposed to be just a simple swing on a tire, but results in.