Champagne Bottle Explodes in Guy’s Hand Trying to Saber It

This guy was trying to saber the top of a champagne bottle in front of.

Guy Hits Handbrake Practicing Wheelie and Crashes Bike

This guy was practicing wheelies on his bike in an empty parking lot. After hitting.

Guy Twists Ankle Jumping into Raft from River Bank Rock

These guys were whitewater rafting in West Virginia when one of them decided to jump.

Woman Faces Fall Practicing Hoop Diving

This duo was trying to land an acrobatic trick where the man pushes the woman.

Guy Ends up Faceplanting on Floor While Double Backflipping

This guy attempted to do a double backflip at a tricking gathering in Graz, Austria..

Biker Flips over Handlebars After Failed Ramp Jump

This guy wanted to try a ramp jump on his bike in the backyard. As.

Mom Pranks Kid with Scary Clown in her Booster Seat

This mom wanted to prank her daughter by putting a creepy clown doll in her.

Skateboarder Gets Hit in Crotch After Failed Kickflip

This skateboarder wanted to impress their friends with a kickflip. Unfortunately, halfway through the flip,.

Guy Fails to Leap Across Water Between two Docks

This guy had the idea of leaping across the water between two concrete docks in.

Wheel Pops off Bike During Wheelie

This guy wanted to pop a wheelie on his mountain bike. Unfortunately, as he pulled.