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Epic bridal party flash mob dance performance

The groom was listening to Queen one day and thought “Don’t Stop Me Now” would.

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Heroic girl rings bell for her last day of radiation

K’Nyla gets to ring the bell on her last day of radiation. She incredibly has.

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Tense GoPro footage documents police horse in hot pursuit of criminal

The footage, taken from a GoPro affixed to NOPD Mounted Unit Officer Sgt. Daniel Scanlan,.

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Grandma reacts to her long lost wedding film

This man’s grandmother believed she had lost the footage from her wedding day in 1964..

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Surprise proposal followed by emotional military homecoming

This woman’s fiance surprises her with a beautiful ring, but when she looks up there’s.

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Groom surprises bride with singing performance at reception

The groom completely shocks his bride at their wedding reception when he starts singing a.

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Real life Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ surprises superfan bride at wedding

Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’, surprises a superfan bride at.

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Man who attends every funeral in town gets brand new suit

Rodney Ridenbark is a man local to Jerseyville, Illinois. He lost his wife a few.

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Daughter surprises dad with Oakland Raiders tickets

Even though she’s a Broncos fan and her dad is a Raiders fan, this clever.

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Man flies 1,200 miles to surprise his girlfrien

An emotional video captures this man’s journey to totally surprise his girlfriend. Check it out!