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Thrill-seeker rides unicycle along tightrope

This dramatic footage shows the death-defying moment a fearless thrill-seeker rode a unicycle along a.

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A burglary victim slammed police for deleting CCTV

A burglary victim has slammed bungling police for failing to collect CCTV footage of the.

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Fisherman forced to throw sea bass back into sea

A fisherman has expressed his anger after he was forced to throw two tonnes of.

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University held first ever virtual graduation

A Scottish university has held its first ever live virtual graduation with students as far.

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Skateboarder who lost both legs

This brave skateboarder hurtles downhill at breakneck speed despite having lost both legs when he.

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Airport Baggage Handlers Carelessly Throw Cargo

Occurred on November 19, 2018 / Phoenix, Arizona, USA Info from Licensor: “I was returning.

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One of the world’s most expensive BOOKS

These stunning pictures show one of the world’s most expensive BOOKS – which can now.

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Teen told he’s offered contract as pro footballer

This amazing video shows the moment a 13-year-old boy is told he has been offered.

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Bearded best mate traded places with his bride

A groom burst out in hysterical laughter at the altar when he turned? to ?look.

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Man Who Built Massive Mancave fined £30K

A man ordered to knock down ‘Britain’s best man cave’ which he built illegally in.