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Scuba diver scrambles to avoid whale shark’s approaching tail

Divers in the Galapagos Islands had the incredible experience of meeting a massive whale shark.

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Massive whale sharks swims right through group of scuba divers

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world. They are believed to reach lengths.

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Hunting sea lions swim through astonished divers 50 feet deep

Sea lions are incredibly skilled hunters, able to hold their breath and dive for long.

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Woman coaxes young deer to trust her

This video shows a modern day deer whisperer getting acquainted with the new additions to.

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Happy sea lions surround & play with beach swimmers

Sea lions are like the playful puppies of the ocean. In the Galapagos Islands, they.

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Scuba divers in complete awe after meeting school of manta rays

Imagine swimming through the vast blue ocean and noticing a shadow passing over you. You.

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Massive crocodile holds up traffic while crossing road

Watch as a huge crocodile crosses the road in the Kakadu National Park in Australia.

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Piranha in Amazon lake ferociously attacks meat dipped in water

Piranha are one of the most feared fish in the water, second only to sharks..

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Two bucks lock horns, fight on police dash cam video

Police dash cam video just released shows two bucks locking horns in a Cincinnati suburb.

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Aggressive sharks bump and circle divers on their way to the surface

Divers enjoyed an ordinary dive in Belize, off the island of San Pedro, until the.