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Rescued dog goes viral in Taiwan for her wanderlust adventures

Corgi from puppy mill regains strength and travels across Taiwan with owner

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What’s In The Ceiling?

A firefighter from Fairfax County fire and rescue department works gently… before rescuing a small.

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Firefighters free dolphin tangled in crab pot line

Fire Captains in South Carolina launch rescue after spotting dolphin struggling in tangled line

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Bear cub saved after days spent with head in bucket

Maryland officials track bear for three days in order to free its head from plastic.

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Bear Rescued From Roadside Zoo Gets To Splash and Explore Grass at Sanctuary

PETA rescued “Ben the bear” from a North Carolina roadside zoo, where they say he.

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Stranded whale returns to sea after a 28-hour rescue operation in Argentina

At least 30 people where involved in the rescue of the mammal