Overtaken by a street Luge Rider

Occurred on January 24, 2016 / Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Info from Licensor: “I was driving.

Skateboarder who lost both legs

This brave skateboarder hurtles downhill at breakneck speed despite having lost both legs when he.

Baby escapes after slipping under moving train

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High speed car chase with 51-year-old Morris Minor

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Motorcycle Police Blockade Forces Illegal Drivers to Back Up

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Motorcyclist Stops to Remove Tire from Middle of Highway

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Driver claims rural road is bumpiest in Britain

A motorist has claimed a rural road in Cambridgeshire is one of the bumpiest in.

Dashcam shows mechanics speeding customer Porsche

A woman who took her Porsche for a service checked her dashcam and discovered it.

Instant Karma for Speedy Car

Occurred on July 1, 2017 / Texas, USA Info from Licensor: “I was just driving.

64-year-old man is mown down in hit-and-run

Shocking footage shows the moment a 64-year-old man was mown down by a powerful Audi.