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Skating Duo Perform Synchronized Twirl on Ice

This skating duo had perfect timing when they practiced their spins on the rink. Amazingly,.

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Personal Trainer Trips on Non-Moving Treadmill

This personal trainer was showing his client how to use the treadmill while standing on.

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Man Pulls Washing Invisible Door Prank on Friend

This man wanted to pull a funny prank on his friend by pretending to wash.

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Men Cause Grease Fire Taking Turkey out of Oven

These two guys made a big mistake when they took the turkey out of the.

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Soldier Surprises Mom With Homecoming at Restaurant

This soldier wanted to surprise his mom with a visit after five months of military.

Parents Can’t Stop Laughing While Filming Family Vlog

This mom and dad wanted to film a video blog for their kids. Hilariously, when.

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Guy Falls Through Gap after Attempt Jump Over Roof

This guy wanted to do a running jump over one roof to the other. Unfortunately,.

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Double Dutching Kid Does Insanely Fast Rope Skipping

This kid was perfecting his skills in double dutch. Amazingly, as two other children maneuvered the.

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Boy Gets Attacked While Trying to Feed Duck

This boy wanted to feed bread to a duck in a park. As he put.

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Two Car Accident and Pedestrian Close Call

Occurred on November 9, 2018 / Tver, Russia Info from Licensor: “Two cars collided on.