Girl Breaks Ceiling Lamp After Nailing Bottle Flip

This girl wanted to celebrate after nailing a water bottle flip onto a curtain rod.

Guy Falls Attempting 180 Spin While Barefoot Waterskiing

This man was barefoot waterskiing and he wanted to try a new trick where he.

Massive Wave Crashes Into 4th Floor Window

Occurred on November 18, 2018 / Tacoronte, Canary Islands, Spain Info from Licensor: “We saw.

Shark Bites Head of Spearfishing Diver in the Bahamas

Will Krause was spearfishing with his friends on Abacos Island, Bahamas, when he had an.

Wakeboarder Flips Over Floating Staircase

This wakeboarder wanted to try a risky trick. Amazingly, he front flipped over a staircase.

Giant Waves Crash on Seaside Resort

Occurred on November 11, 2018 / Tacoronte, Tenerife, Spain Info from Licensor: “The force of.

Skater Falls Attempting to Grind on Pipe Above Water

This skateboarder wanted to try grinding on a pipe above a large body of water..

Funny Rope Swing Fails

These are some swinging clips ¬– literally! These are the best of the worst rope.

Barefoot Waterskiing Using Human as Rope

This guy went barefoot waterskiing using his human friend as a rope. His friend held.

Guy Twists Ankle Jumping into Raft from River Bank Rock

These guys were whitewater rafting in West Virginia when one of them decided to jump.