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Icy stretch on highway causes multiple car pileup

At least 10 people were injured when dozens of cars piled up on an icy.

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Road breaks off from earthquake, stranding car

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Anchorage, Alaska on Nov. 30. This scary footage shows how.

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Car gets rolled over during treacherous blizzard

This car rollover in Mitchell, Nebraska on Nov. 24 is one of many accidents that.

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Skiers unfazed by near-blizzard conditions

The near-blizzard conditions in Colorado’s Loveland Ski area doesn’t stop skiers from heading out to.

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Stunning footage shows tornado whirl through coast

A tornado was filmed spinning through the Amalfi Coast of Italy on Nov. 20.

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Landslide derails commuter train, killing 1

One person is dead and dozens injured after a landslide derailed a commuter train traveling.

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Travelers go crazy after spotting camel in snowy highway

What are the odds of seeing a camel in a snowy highway of all places?.

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Heartwarming reunion of woman and her cat after wildfires

Watch this heartwarming video of a woman reuniting with her cat after it ran away.

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Snow day sledding gone wrong

Watch as a mom and her child tumble down a freshly snowed hill in St..

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Dozer clears path amid growing fire, relentless winds

Footage from the evening of Nov. 13 in Santa Ana, dozers shows they can often.