University Offers Class on Anthony Bourdain

This college is offering a course all about Anthony Bourdain’s work. It’s called “Anthony Bourdain and His Influencers,” and will analyze Bourdain’s body of work as well as explore the creative works that inspired him. “Anthony Bourdain…had a profound influence on contemporary food and travel writing and elevated an entire genre as he created shows that were among the most ‘filmic’ in the history of the small screen,” stated Nicholls State University professor Todd Kennedy, PhD. “Even more radical, however, was the degree to which landmark novels and films influenced his own work. Almost every episode of Bourdain’s shows directly reference and/or pay homage to a major work of literature or film as he develops his own visual and narrative argument about culture, politics, food, art, and the intersections therein.” The course will be taught by professor Kennedy, who is the director of the university’s film studies program. “I’ve always enjoyed his shows,” he said. “I wasn’t obsessed per se, but after he died it affected me more than I thought it would.” Anthony Bourdain is most known for his book “Kitchen Confidential,” his Emmy-winning CNN show “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” and his travel Channel show “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.” He died June 8 at the age of 61.

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