Unusual Kookaburra and Snake Encounter

Occurred on September 18, 2018 / Robertson, Queensland, Australia Info from Licensor: “A kookaburra locked in a brutal battle with a snake in suburban Brisbane. Rhys was working on a house on Romulous Street in Robertson when he spotted the native Australian bird trying to eat the snake for lunch in the yard next door. The eagle-eyed kookaburra had swooped down and grabbed the snake by its throat after the reptile poked its head out of a weep hole in the brick wall of the neighbor’s house. Filming started as the hungry bird tried tearing the snake out of the hole in the bricks by its head. The epic video shows the snake wrap itself around the bird before the pair become embroiled in a 30-minute fight to the death. Nerang brickie’s comical commentary almost steals the show, with the witty Gold Coast father narrating the showdown, blow-by-blow. The kookaburra won the battle and flew away with the snake, proud as punch.”

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